Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here Comes JOHNNY!

If heterosexual men had difficulty sitting through figure skating (or, even more sexuality-defining, MEN'S SINGLES) before Johnny Weir came into play, I can only imagine the distance they must keep now between themselves and their blaring television sets while this perky little performer struts his stuff on the big screen.

What can one say about Johnny Weir? Well, one word definitely comes to mind: unconventional. Interesting is an understatement; flamboyant is an insult. During tonight's short program, in his tight, open-chested black ensemble, with three pink straps stretching across his bare, skinny midsection, Johnny gave an awesome performance, as always - but he only came in sixth place. The judges are harsh on him, more so than on others, in my opinion. Not because he isn't good. He's phenomenal. But even when he gives a stellar performance, it's always short of transitions, which are Johnny's weakness.

Personally, I think Johnny has too much personality and vigor for stiff Olympic standards. His executions are always beautiful, but the level of difficulty in his programs are just not up to par with his competitors. He does, however, put on one hell of a show for us spectators, which is, after all, what Johnny Weir does best.

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