Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Edumacating Myself

America. My capricious yet complaisant corn-and-cattle filled country. This land of wide open space, whose foundation is more esoteric to me than it rightly should be, is my more hostile than humble Holy Land. Yet I'll quietly and reluctantly admit to the unfortunate fact that I know so little concerning the history of Her foundation. Shame on me.

But no more. I plan on changing my ignorant ways this winter. With the enlightenment of David McCullough's excellent prose and story-telling style, I am in for a nerdy adventure with John Adams, one of this historian's most highly revered fictional novels about the political and personal life of our second president.

It feels nicer than ever to be submerged in the English language again. Feels even nicer knowing that this book was turned into a seven-part mini series on HBO, which will only make finishing this author's most impressive work to date that much more exciting. Hooray for the Big Screen!

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