Monday, December 7, 2009

So This Is Christmas...

Justifying a visit to Rockefeller Center on any dissonant day in December is like trying to exculpate Michael Jackson for his sleepovers with young boys: you just can't do it.

Crowds distend in every direction. Nikon D5000's are endemic to all and every tourist in Times Square, most of whom harbor no hesitation when it comes to shoving their $500 camera lens in your face, arbitrary in their approach to capture the PEREFECT PICTURE of The Tree. Garrulous club promoters with posters hung around their necks bombard you at every street corner. Food vendors who possess no morals jack up their prices to twice their average amount. Everywhere you go, it's congested, cacophonous and overpriced.

But will any of those paltry excuses ever deter me from joining along with the hustle and bustle of New York City at Christmas time? Absolutely NOT! My feelings of resentment for the perennial tourists and the recreant hot dog merchants are ephemeral: I get over them quickly if I'm in good company. And this weekend, I was :-)

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