Monday, September 28, 2009

Cockroaches Can't Fly, Can They?

Yes, people. We're back to the bugs. And today's top story surrounds the Insetcal Mother of All Creatures Disgusting: la cucaracha.

Last night, while lifting my mosquito net and anticipating sleep like no other, I looked down at the cold tile floor and saw the last thing that one wants to see before climinbing into bed: that hard-shelled, long-antennae'd copper-colored creature, the cockroach.


Reaching for my right sneaker, I stopped myself short and remembered what an elementary school teacher of mine once told me.

She said that the last thing you want to do is kill a cockroach with your shoe, in the event that you may have squashed a pregnant female with hundreds (or thousands) of eggs in her belly. Now, with those eggs stuck to the bottom of your sneaks, you'd be taking those unborn embryos with you everywhere.

Crap. Plan B...

But before I could even think of what to do next, my little friend took flight. And when I say took flight, I don't mean that he leaped/hopped to his next location. He actually flew.

Never before have I seen a cockroach fly...never again do I want to.

...And just a few hours ago, as I hung my towel on the hook in the bathroom stall, there he was again. This time, he was taking refuge among the shadows created by my shampoo and conditioner bottles, thinkin' he was slick, like I couldn't see him.

I made a move for him, but he quickly scurried away.

And I am left to hope that the bathroom becomes his new bedroom, so that I can rest peacefully in my own...

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