Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mmm, Tastes Like Chicken

So I just ate...a duck embryo. Yes, I performed a not-so professional abortion on a baby duck. Call me a killer, but it was AWESOME! Tasted just like chicken, too.

The culinary adventures never end here in Nam.

I've also come to realize why the Vietnamese are so skinny. Most of what they eat requires a LOT of effort. In America, we're lazy - the majority of our seafood comes cracked and the skin on our meat, peeled. Not the case in Can Tho. A homeless guy on the streets of New York holding up the infamous "Will Work For Food" sign wouldn't realize what he got himself into over here. After cracking so many crab legs and extracting only the tiniest bit of meat from them, I just want to give up. My stomach might not like this, but my waist line is feeling otherwise...

Christine and I found a doughnut shop today. And yeah, you heard me correctly - DOUGH-NUT! I can't even begin to explain how happy this made me. It was like Christmas morning. So much for the ten pounds I thought I was guaranteed to lose here.

But if chocolate frosted doughnuts are involved, I really do NOT care :-)


  1. I know it seems strange that Asian cuisine includes donuts...In Chinatown NYC the Chinese restaurants allserved this type of long, think crueller. Very tasty.

  2. I love doughnuts! Can't wait until I can have one again at the glorious D&D's :-)