Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Foot Fantasizing Mosquitoes

These mosquitoes have foot fetishes. If they were human, they'd be sexual perverts. But unlike human beings who fantasize about feet, these guys actually leave their mark when they're done taking what they need from me. At least a pervert would just make out with my foot and BOUNCE.

Who's the first idiot to ever tell somebody "stop scratching" in reference to mosquito bites?! That, my friend, is an impossibility. I know it just makes it worse...but taking no action at ALL certainly doesn't make it any better!

I wake up with at least ten new bites every day. No matter what. I now find myself wearing sweatpants and long sleeves in this tropical heat. I didn't understand why so many Vietnamese were dressed for the blizzard of '96 when it's always eighty-plus degress outside. Now I get it. Pretty dumb to doubt the people who have lived here all their lives. Stupid American girl!

Aside from my less-than-satisfactory physical state of being, today was good. Really good. Christine and I finally have internet in our house - yay! Finally something else to do at night time besides watch the same movies replay on HBO, again and again and again...

Today it rained. A LOT. I didn't mind, though. When it continuously rains, things cool off. And the second it stops raining, it gets even hotter than before. So I was more than happy for the all-day downpour. But I'm quite less than happy about...

THE FROGS! Yep, we have frogs. Lots of 'em. There are tens or hundreds of them outside my house right now, hiding in the grass, making SO much noise. They've taken the word "ribbit" and brought it to a whole 'notha level. I thought at first this sound was their mating call - it's VERY commanding. But, as An informed me, I was wrong. They just get louder when it rains. I still don't understand why. Maybe they're just bitchin' about their houses getting flooded. If that happened to me, I'd probably make the same irritating noise, too.

Thursday is my only day off from teaching. Thank God for that. Not that I need a break from three-hour work days. But any excuse I can get to stay inside and avoid the brutal heat is fine with me. Maybe once my little friends outside shut up, I can finally get some sleep...

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  1. The toads mate after the rain, which is why they sing you to sleep after every rain shower. You'll get use to it! I miss the toads and the geickos here. I live in a city and it's still too quiet for me now!

    The bites get better, too. I'm not sure the bitting stops, but you eventually get use to it. :-)