Friday, September 25, 2009

Fish, or Fat?

Although there are a plethora of eating facilities all throughout Can Tho, my laziness usually kicks in around noon and I tend not to venture very far for lunch.

Meaning...I only go across the street.

The ladies who run this cute vegetarian joint know only a few words in English, but that's more than the majority of the other places we dine at. So far, their linguistic knowledge of our native language has led them in the direction of asking Christine and myself how old we are, what our names are, and that we are very beautiful. (If you're ever down and out about your looks in the States, hop on a flight to 'Nam. I guarantee that frown will be turned upside down in a quick minute. Everyone is gonna think you're gorgeous!)

Anyway, we have the same dish every time we go here: a plate of rice, topped with vegetables, sugar-coated tofu (which I love now, by the way), pineapple, shredded onion, and something else...

Is it fish, or is it fat? Smells likes fish, but tastes like fat. And being that this place is "vegetarian", I want to assume the first one.

Regardless of what it is, though, it goes in my mouth. Just like everything else I eat here.

Insert "That's what she said!" joke.

Haha. VERY funny!

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