Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coming To An End in Can Tho

"Teacher Kelly is very lovely. She is the first foreign teacher of mine." - Linh

Today I gave my third and final group of Pronunciation 1 students their final exam. They had to create their own sentences and converse with me, one on one. Above is a statement that one of my students, Linh, had written.

Then, Stephen, the boy in the picture above, said this during his turn:

"We will never have a chance to meet Kelly again next Wednesday."

This almost brought me to tears. As much as I am excited about coming home to Americaland, leaving these kids behind will be hard - they are the best part of my day. I probably would have broken down right there but then, Nuong, the theatrical singer from "Friendly Night," said this:

"Kelly will knock you down if you make her angry."

I have no idea what he meant by that. I'm not sure whether he was alluding to my physical strength or to my personality. But I burst out laughing when he said it.

These kids are really good at making me smile.

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  1. Kelly - while I am happy to have you return home, I will miss your blogs! Some times they were the best part of day. Of course, who knows where you will blog from next...

    See you soon, Love Aunt Sue