Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"The Problem With The World Is That Everyone Is A Few Drinks Behind" - Humphrey Bogart

"Respect beer."

Such is the the most important (and only) motto of the Alstrom brothers, co-founders of the website Both men decided to forego semi-prosperous, "professional" careers several years ago and dedicated their lives instead to spreading knowledge about their most beloved beverage. Fortunately for them, this leap of faith was proven successful.

Check out the site. It's super cool. Tells you what's new and hip in the wonderful world of beer: latest reviews, recent tastings, upcoming festivals, etc. There's even a "Recent Beer Talk" forum where new posts are displayed every other second of people either inquiring or suggesting various beers and breweries...but some people definitely have too much time on their hands!

Don't spend several hours in a row on this website, like I just did. Rather, enjoy it slowly, the way you would a good beer. And as the Alstrom Bros say:

"So don't just drink the beer. Note the beer's appearance, how it smells and tastes. Savor each beer as if it's your last, and you'll be that much closer to beerdom."

Am I an alcoholic? No. I just really love beer, no matter how much damage it might do to my wallet or my waist.

Enjoy the site, ya'll.


  1. Kelly - hmmmm - you love beer. Okay - Kyle and I have some favorites you could try. Kyle doesn't drink anymore but we always loved the Belgian beers. You know - originally produced by the Trappist Monks. Try Chimay or Corsendonk. Delicious.

  2. Now I know why you wnated Uncle Mike's email address so you could turn him onto the Beer authority.

  3. You know it dad! And thanks for the beer recs, Aunt Julee - I'll be sure to try them when Im home :-)