Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spike Your Juice!

Okay, I PROMISE I'll get back to all-things Vietnamese after this blogpost. I just have to share ONE more piece of info about alcohol with you all before I do ;-)

Want to throw a kick-ass party but don't have the required funding to support the boozey beverages?! Check out and your problem will be solved!


Step 1 - Obtain 64 oz. bottle of your favorite juice (Grape, Cranberry and Pomegranate recommended)

Step 2 - Pour packet of ultra-secret "spike" powder into juice (can be purchased on website - only $9.99!)

Step 3 - seal bottle with Airlock and Rubber Stopper

Step 4 - Wait 48 hours, and then get to drankin' - you now have your very own homemade BUBBLY!

There are also Spike Recipes on the website, and Fun Facts such as this one: "Our Spike “Fireside" recipe resembles Europe’s favorite hot winter beverage Glühwein or Glöggg." Pretty cool, eh?

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