Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bye-Bye, ABC!

As of Sunday, March 7th, television network ABC7 will no longer be broadcast via the popular Cablevision network, which services the homes of millions of Americans nationwide. The reason for this sudden abandonment on behalf of America's Most Watched News Network? Well, I'm too lazy to explain it all. So you can individually listen to each corporation's side of the story at the following websites:

What it comes down to: Monayyyyyy $$$$$$$

To be honest, I'm not too perturbed by this recent schism. It's all about money, which both conglomerations have MORE than enough of. And more importantly, as Cablevision states in its own public service announcement, most of ABC's TV shows are available for viewing, FREE OF CHARGE, on their website. So what this means to me is, I can still get my Modern Family fix...and that's pretty much the only thing I care about.

These announcements are great though. Especially if you want a good laugh. I feel like I'm watching two political competitors slander one another at desperate attempts to get more voters on their side. But who really knows the authenticity of both parties claims at the end of the day? We won't know it in politics; we won't know it in television.

And that is the God's honest truth, folks.

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