Thursday, March 4, 2010

King James Bible At Your Command...

I don't know, man. Maybe it's just me, but when religion and technology coalesce, I don't feel right about it. Not that I feel right about religion to begin with. But watching these two seemingly distinct entities converge is just plain awkward. Like, that should never happen. Ever.

I once saw a monk at a bus stop in Vietnam, garmented in his traditional orange robes, hugging an hp laptop to his chest. He smiled at me, and, to be polite, I smiled back. But my mind was buzzing with questions. Why does he own that laptop?, I wondered to myself. Is he e-mailing the Holy One? Is Buddha on Facebook now?!

I understand that popes, priests, monks, rabbis and all the other "chosen ones" are people, too. They probably enjoy their funny YouTube clip just as much as the next guy. And who can blame them? That stuff is hilarious. But isn't the whole idea of being a spiritual person to lead a humble life, stripped of possessions, trying to show others that the less you have, the better you'll live, blah blah blah?

Having Jesus Christ at my remote control command is cool I guess. But if the Christians who actually bought this DVD were truly devoted to him, they'd get off their lazy ass every Sunday and go to Church to prove it. And the Catholic church's attempt to make yet even MORE money off of one bearded dude's teachings more than 2,000 years ago is no surprise to me.

Bill Maher is probably having a field day with this.

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