Friday, March 19, 2010

Irish Beer Cheese

Like most normal human beings, I love cheese. And I'm talkin' all kinds of cheese: my likes range from the nuclear orange awesome-ness of Velveeta to the unbearably pungent imported products that one can find at an international cheese shop (or, in most cases, at your local supermarket.) And what's even cooler is realizing how many different products go into cheese making...

In this case, I discovered one made with BEER! (If you're reading this and you already knew about it, you should have told me!)

If you're not a beer person, this type of cheese may not sound appetizing to you. I get that. But I can assure you that it is quite delectable. The hint of Irish stout is just right - doesn't overpower the cheese at all. In fact, this may be the best tasting fromage I've ever brought to my lips.

However, to ensure maximum satisfaction, accompany this cheese with a kick-ass Irish Stout. You surely can't go wrong with that ;-)


  1. Kelly I tried to comment yesterday but it didn't take for some reason. Trying again.

  2. Hey it worked! My first Blog comment. Does this officially make me a Blogger? I had to comment on 2 of my favorite things: Beer and Cheese. Whoever combined them into one product deserves the Noble Prize for food. Yesterday I had lunch at Harvest on the Hudson (still participating in restaraunt week - $20 lunch) and had a cheese plate and Spanish beer. Awesome one-two punch. Check it out when you get a chnace. Mike

  3. Three in a row - this blogging is addicting. Just a thought: You should eat at Harvest and write a review on your blog. The architecture, food and atmosphere is truely unique. See ya.

    BTW - It's not 4am. Your blog must still be on Vietnam time.