Monday, October 19, 2009

Holy Heat, Batman!

Okay, okay, so I have no right to complain about the horrendous heat over here when you folks at home are experiencing one of the coldest Octobers EVER. BUT, at least you guys have a centralized heating system to come home to, whereas I have fans that spin painfully slow, their pathetic effort to complete a full 360 far outweighing the product that they produce: a barely felt breeze. And they're noisy as all HELL. No wonder why I can't fall asleep!

When John Dippel, the man in charge of Teachers for Vietnam, subtlety asked me if I "liked the heat" during my interview, of course you know what I said: HELL YEAH! But looking back, this was coming from the pampered perspective of an all-around American girl who had grown up with AC and swimming pools. And the only time that I DIDN'T have the luxury of centralized air was during one week at Girl Scout camp in the 7th grade when it rained almost every day. Needless to say, my pores weren't suffocating in sweat every minute that week with the other pre-teen girls, much unlike they are now.

But I have to say that the worst part about the sweating is this: getting to class, trying to conceal the fact that I'm not soaking wet from head to toe and having my students see right through this. It never fails that one sweet girl up front will run to the fan switch near the door the second she sees (or smells) me coming. I just laugh every time and so do they. And I'm sure they're wondering just as much as I am why I'm still the only one profusely perspiring...

Dear Vietnam,

I'd like to look prim and proper for you, but you're making that impossible. Please get this "wet season" stuff over with so I can finally revel in some spring-like weather. I'd like to smell like a lady again for once, and not like I just came home from football practice. Thanks.

Yours truly,


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