Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mama-To-Be Is A Mama At Last!


When I passed by the silk store two nights ago, I noticed five gentlemen, including her husband, hanging around outside the shop, animatedly conversing with their hands. The daddy-to-be looked especially pleased. And I didn't see the mama anywhere.

When I stopped inside yesterday, wanting to pay for the shirt that I picked up three days ago and curious as to how our beloved bulging belly was doing, her sister was working the counter instead.

"Where's the mama-to-be?!" I asked, and she gave me the biggest smile ever.

"Oh, she in hospital!" said her sister, pointing outside and directing her finger toward the left. "Baby good! It's girl!"

"Oh my gosh, you must be sooo excited!"

"Yes yes, very excite! And special discount for you!"

I didn't understand.

"Special discount? I didn't know you were having a sale this week!"

"Oh no, no sale! You pick up shirt on Vietnamese Women's Day. We didn't have flower for you, so we give you a special discount: 220 VND instead of 250 VND. Good price!"

Sometimes it's good to be a woman :-)

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