Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Lonely Traveler

"It has been said that the more one travels, the more one's attention turns inward...Travel, when done habitually, when done for a living, changes you in ways mostly good, sometimes bad. On one hand, it is the greatest privilege one can imagine: to see the world in all its flavors, colors, and seemingly infinite variety; to discover firsthand the differences among us on this enormous and complex planet - as well as the things we share. On the other hand, travel can become a compulsion, though it keeps us away from friends and loved ones - sometimes even when we're back. When I'm away, I yearn for home. When I'm home, I'm listless. I seem to no longer fit. History and literature are filled with characters who see Asia, or Venice, and never go back to the way they were."

- Anthony Bourdain, Editor, "The Best American Travel Writing 2008"

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