Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not So Happy Halloween

During this time of year, all I need in life is a Pumpkin Reese's. Halloween = my favorite holiday. Reese's peanut butter cup = my favorite candy. Put the two together, and you've got a really happy Kelly.

Well I've searchd high and low for you Reese's, but you're no where to be found in Vietnam. Why have you forsaken me?!

If I could speak with any CEO in America right now, it'd be the head guy in charge at Hershey's. I'd simply ask him why he had neglected to ship any/all Reese's products to Asia, and if he was aware of the withdrawl effects felt by American ex-pats living abroad such as myself.

If he knows what he's done to us, then he's a cruel, cruel man.

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